Customer Solicitation Policy

Customer Solicitation Policy in accordance with the Law on Sales of Financial Products in Japan

  1. Basic Policy

    • We will strive to solicit and provide consultations in full consideration of the customer’s knowledge, investment experience, condition of property, purpose of investment as well as other relevant information.
    • We will strive to sufficiently and appropriately explain the details of products alongside explanations of the risks involved, etc.
  2. Solicitation Methods

    • We will not solicit and provide consultations by means of direct visits, by phone, and/or by other means when the customer may be subjected to inconvenience.
  3. Other Matters

    • We will only use the customer’s personal information etc. for business purposes and will not provide it to third parties.
    • In order to solicit appropriately, we will endeavor to maintain a proper management system at all times and strive to foster a strong sense of compliance and adherence to the company’s policies among all officers and employees.

Inquiries may be made to our company during business hours (9: 00-18: 00 (Monday - Friday) ) at 03-5411-7500.