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Office Building Brokerage

We help customer’s relocation.
We are possible to introduce office buildings more than 33,000 square meters from 15 square meters.
Because we have the strong relationship of mutual trust with each building owner, so we have the advantage of negotiation on terms and conditions, and introduction of the unpublished real estate. We try to differentiate between other agents.
With our abundant experience and results of relocations for wide range of companies, we develop “the negotiations that one step further”.

flow step by step

Flow of Intermediary

  • STEP1

    Hearing of requirements and requests

  • STEP2

    Suggestion of relocating plans, real estate

  • STEP3

    Negotiations of contract

  • STEP4

    Introduction, arrangement of each supplier that needed

  • STEP5

    Confirmation of contracts, extradition

In Japan properties, the staff who specialized in office intermediation corresponds to customers “in 1STOP”
that is from suggestioning of the real estate through to the contracting. We provide an adequate after- follow service as well.
It is very important for us to take communication with customers;
it makes us to be able to do more clear and satisfied helping.
In addition, we originally run “high-quality office search”, so you can feel free and easy to find high-graded properties.
We may provide the suggestion along customer’s needs and delivers.
We arrange inspections, negotiations with building owner, support the relocating plan, and extradition.
We totally support the customers until they are convinced and satisfied.

3 points of our characteristic


Face to Face

Our company think that believability is the most important for all business about real estate, so that we place importance on “taking communication directly” with customers.We take consideration into the needs of customers, tell them their precise market, ask their requests, and finally provide them extremely precise suggestions.

Expert Staff

Staff who has specialized skills will help customers and try hard to accept their requests. A personal staff serves sincerely to conclude trusted relationship which is our motto.

Global Support

We are trying to globalize the domestic real estate transactions toward overseas.
There is some staff who handle English in our company, so we provide the support and transaction that can be relieved for foreign customers as well as for Japanese customers.



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