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Office leasing

We assist our clients that are looking for an office space, anything from 5㎡ to 10,000㎡. The strong relationship we have with many building owners makes it possible to acquire good information before it become public, negotiate better deals behind the scenes and perform other niche services not available elsewhere. From start-up companies to IPO ready companies, we come up with unique ideas and methods that set us apart from the rest in the Tokyo market.

Leasing Service Process

  • STEP1

    Listening client needs

  • STEP2

    Recommend relocation plan

  • STEP3

    Negotiate on behalf of client

  • STEP4

    Contract execution

  • STEP5

    Support relocation plan execution

At Japan Properties, staff members that are experienced in office leasing will provide a one-stop client service,
from customer liaisons to signing a lease contract. The service includes worry-free post-move care.

for your best office

Office Consulting

We also provide consulting services to assist with the expansion of clients’ business. An office is an important place where people can spend long hours. We can assist with shaving off office-related costs and help client administration staff with stressful relocation projects by preparing a smooth relocation programme. We can also help with the relocation of company president, directors and staff, including their layout and lease negotiation.


We can help with identifying suitable office spaces and best practice floor layouts
that will make our clients’ office strategy speedy and efficient.



Face to face

We believe trustworthiness is the most important character we must possess in the real estate industry and that is why we highly value face to face communication.We listen to the client`s needs carefully then, having regard to present market conditions and future directions, hold as many meetings as necessary to present a well-considered proposal which will be sure to satisfy the client.

Expert staff for each fields

Our staffs have deep knowledge and understanding of the real estate industry as well as its peripheral fields. In order to serve our client`s needs perfectly, we form project-based teams of specialists to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Takken broker license9
  • 2nd grade architect1
  • Real estate consulting master2
  • Certified building manager1
  • Certified rental property manager1

Cross border transaction

We have always searched for quality investment opportunities in Tokyo and acquired these ourselves in the past. However, we have decided to give the same opportunity to pre-registered overseas investors as well. We therefore welcome your indication of interest and we will provide you with some initial information so you can have a piece of action in Japan, a country renowned for its clean air and water and safe streets.



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