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Acquisition & Brokerage

Japan Properties can assist you with the sale and purchase of all properties, including office, residential, retail, hotel and development site. We support our clients with our site inspection skills and deep market knowledge. We also use strategic analysis, product packaging and targeted marketing skills when searching for a suitable buyer and/or investment partners.

We have deep market knowledge including in relation to the number of investors that are active in sub markets. We improve property performances using general market information, information on future infrastructure plans and historical transactional and leasing data. We also invest ourselves in income generating properties, redevelopment projects and other form of investments.


  • Access to discrete information

  • Global connection network across Asian countries

  • Recommendation based on true market information

You will enjoy access to unpublicized property information,
wide working relationship with ASEAN investors and expert recommendations.

Do the following apply to you?

  • Buying a building
  • Selling a building quickly to pay tax
  • Selling idle property
  • Selling the whole business
  • Sell and buy property
  • Wanting to manage heavy refurb cost
  • Buying apartment blocks
  • Wanting to manage your repayment plan

We can assist with all of the above.



Face to face

We believe trustworthiness is the most important character we must possess in the real estate industry and that is why we highly value face to face communication.We listen to the client`s needs carefully then, having regard to present market conditions and future directions, hold as many meetings as necessary to present a well-considered proposal which will be sure to satisfy the client.

Expert staff for each fields

Our staffs have deep knowledge and understanding of the real estate industry as well as its peripheral fields. In order to serve our client`s needs perfectly, we form project-based teams of specialists to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Takken broker license9
  • 2nd grade architect1
  • Real estate consulting master2
  • Certified building manager1
  • Certified rental property manager1

Cross border transaction

We have always searched for quality investment opportunities in Tokyo and acquired these ourselves in the past. However, we have decided to give the same opportunity to pre-registered overseas investors as well. We therefore welcome your indication of interest and we will provide you with some initial information so you can have a piece of action in Japan, a country renowned for its clean air and water and safe streets.



If you have any questions,
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