Japan Properties Co.,Ltd. (the “Company”) recognizes the importance of your personal information obtained through its businesses, considers the protection of your personal information as a social obligation, complies with applicable laws and ordinances and is committed to handle it properly.
Both the Company’s executives and employees endeavor to protect and properly handle your personal information.
2.Security Control Measures
  • a)The Company takes safety management measures not to divulge or lose personal information.
  • b)The Company safeguards your personal information under the strict control. It appoints a manager responsible for the protection of your personal information in an effort to secure it properly.
3.Securing Accuracy
The Company makes efforts to keep correct and latest contents of personal information in extent necessary to achieve purpose of use.
4.Use of Personal Information
  • a)The Company uses your personal information only within the scope necessary to implement and enhance our services.
  • b)The Company won't use your personal information without consent of the person except using your personal information to achieve the scope necessary to implement and enhance our services.
  • c)The Company does not collect personal information with fraudulent or bogus way.
  • d)If The Company collects personal information, The Company will make public or notify to the person unless The Company makes public purpose of use in advance.
  • e)The Company manifests the purpose of use to the person in advance if The Company collects personal information in the contract or other documents (including electronic method, magnetic method and records that person can't recognize with one's perception) which is concluded between The Company and The Person.
  • f)The Company does not change purpose of use unless there is relevant between purpose of use before changing and changed purpose of use.
  • g)The Company makes public or notify to the person if The Company changes purpose of use.
  • h)The Company does not provide to third parties without Consent of the Personn.
5.Subcontract of Personal Information
  • a)The Company subcontracts your personal information to third parties within the limits of use of purpose.
  • b)When the Company subcontracts the processing of your personal information to third parties, it does so only with your consent and the adequate supervision to the third parties.
6.Request of Disclosure
  • a)The Company corresponds to such as disclosure your personal information without delay if The Person requests to disclose,revise,add and delate.
  • b)The Company corresponds to Discontinuance of the Utilization(and etc) without delay, etc if The Person request Discontinuance of the Utilization,delate and stop to provide your personal information to third parties.
  • c)If The Company does not take measure to all or part of your request, The Company makes efforts to notify and explain the reason to the person.
  • a)The Company makes efforts to manage complaints about Handling of Personal Information adequately and promptly.
  • b)The Company makes efforts to prepare necessary system to achieve purpose of preceding paragraph.
■Publication of Matters Concerning "Act on the Protection of Personal Information"
  • 1) Name of Entities Handling Personal Information: Japan Properties Co.,Ltd.
  • 2) Purpose of use personal information: Offering properties information
  • 3) Inquiry Counter phone:03-5411-7500 /