With the growth of the internet, our communications are increasingly through digital mediums, with the opportunity to communicate face to face becoming scarce. Because of this, our key focus is to meet our client in person so that we can ensure that we make the most of the relationship by attaining a deep understanding of their needs. Real estate transactions are often very high value and so the level of client confidence can influence the success of the deal.

With our motto of [face to face communication] in mind, we strive to be the most appointed agent in the industry.


Since 2012, Abenomics has had a positive impact on the real estate market in Japan and it has gained attention from international investors across the world. However, despite a number of attractions, we have identified that the Japanese market still has some practices that foreign investors find inconvenient. We strive to provide helpful services at the international level so that the Japanese real estate market will become truly accessible and friendly to international investors.


1.  Provide quality services in a friendly manner that build mutual trust
2.  Maintain an international perspective
3.  Discover the value of new/old real estate in Japan


CEO Shoji Koh

Shoji Koh has over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry. In 2006, he joined Savills Japan, the Japan branch of one of the leading global real estate service providers listed on the London Stock Exchange.
Whilst he was the youngest employee at the company world-wide, his exceptional human skills together with tireless working style won him a number of leasing sales prizes within the company and helped the company to lay solid foundation in Japan market.
In 2012, he left Savills Japan and established Japan Properties.

Office leasing

We assist our clients that are looking for an office space, anything from 5㎡ to 10,000㎡.

Acquisition & Brokerage

We can assist you with the sale and purchase of all properties, including office, residential, retail, hotel and development sites.

Property Management

In order to extract maximum potential out of an investment, we closely monitor tenant retention and leasing of the units as they have a direct impact on the cash flow.

Residential leasing

Leasing service for the clients.
We will identify a comfortable living spaces for you to indulge yourself in.

Succession advisory

We have an experienced succession advisor who sincerely hears stakeholders’ opinions and takes careful steps to lay the foundation for a satisfactory succession.

Cross border transactions

We, by presenting income generating investment opportunities throughout its overseas network, can assist its clients manage risk.

Corporate Profile

Company name
Japan Properties Co., Ltd.
3F Yanaba building,6-7-10,Roppongi,Minato-ku,Tokyo Japan
Date founded
January 11,2012
Main Business Activities
 Office leasing/ Acquisition & Brokerage/ Property management/ Residential leasing/ Succession advisory/ Cross border transactions/ Japan Investment Advisers Association/ Japan Investment Advisors Association
Shoji Koh
Takashi Tatsugami
Registration Number
Real Estate Agency License / Governor of Tokyo (2) 93935
Type II Financial Instruments KFB(Kinsho)2969
All Japan Real Estate Federation, Real Estate Guarantee Association
Japan Investment Advisers Association; Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association, EO – Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Asia Leaders Association
50,000,000 yen
Bank of Account
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Roppongi Branch
Resona Bank, Omori Branch
Mizuho Bank, Roppongi Branch
The Sawayaka Shinkin Bank, Roppongi Branch
Group Company


Managing Director
Naoyuki Iizuka


Major Clients
NTT Urban Development Co.
Obayashi Corporation
Kajima Corporation
Sankei Building Co., Ltd.
Kowa Real Estate
Shimizu Corporation
Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd.
Taisei Corporation
Takenaka Corporation
Tokyu Land Corporation
Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.
Nippon Life Insurance Company
Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Mori Building Co., Ltd.
Mori Trust Co., Ltd.
Yasuda Real Estate Co., Ltd.