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Your Japan Properties
外国人向けの賃貸マンションとシェアハウス事業部 居住在您向往的家・其他琐事由我们来为您担心 居住在您嚮往的家・其他瑣事由我們來為您擔心

『Your Japan Properties』は、賃貸・売買・シェアハウスの物件検索が可能で、全文英語・中国語で構成されています。なかなか埋まらない賃貸物件の長期空室を、増える訪日外国人に入居してもらい解消します。 Leave in the place you want and Leave all the other worries to us! 我们向国内外客户提供有关日本房地产的、以办公室和住宅的租赁及中介为中心的、包括房地产管理和企业继承措施在内的全面的咨询服务。 我們向國內外客戶提供有關日本房地產的、以辦公室和住宅的租賃及中介為中心的、包括房地產管理和企業繼承措施在內的全面的諮詢服務。


With the growth of the internet, communication is increasingly digital, and the opportunity to communicate face to face is becoming scarce. Because so much is lost in digital communication, our focus is meeting clients in person to ensure a deeper understanding of their needs. Real estate transactions are high value and requires the utmost confidence in your agent for success.

That’s why our motto is “face to face communication,” and that’s how we strive to be the most appointed agent in the industry.


Face to face

We believe trustworthiness is the most important character we must possess in the real estate industry, and that is why we highly value face to face communication. We listen to our client’s needs carefully. In addition to careful regard for present market conditions and future directions, we hold as many meetings as necessary to present our clients with a personalized, thoughtful, and satisfying proposal.

Expert staff for each fields

Our staff have deep area knowledge in addition to an understanding of the real estate industry and its peripheral fields. In order to tailor our service to our client’s needs, we form project-based teams of specialists to ensure satisfaction.

  • Takken broker license 9
  • 2nd grade architect 1
  • Real estate consulting master 2
  • Certified building manager 1
  • Certified rental property manager 1

Cross border transaction

We have always searched for quality investment opportunities and decided to share this opportunity with the pre-registered overseas investors as well. We provide clients with essential information required for initial action in the Japanese real estate investment market.


Office leasing

We assist our clients that are looking for an office space, anything from 5㎡ to 10,000㎡.

Acquisition & Brokerage

We can assist you with the sale and purchase of all properties, including office, residential, retail, hotel and development sites.

Property management

In order to extract maximum potential out of an investment, we closely monitor tenant retention and leasing of the units as they have a direct impact on the cash flow.

Residential leasing

Leasing service for the clients.
We will identify a comfortable living spaces for you to indulge yourself in.

Global service

We provide a wide range of services to foreigners living in Japan,

Cross border transactions

We, by presenting income generating investment opportunities throughout its overseas network, can assist its clients manage risk.